I Love/Hate Jewish Time!

So there’s this thing called Jewish Time, which is also called being late. In true NYRT style, we observed Jewish Time while prepping for Sunday’s matinee, opening the house a mere 5 minutes before our scheduled show start time. The (amazing) director was working with the actors up until the last moment. 

As far as the audience was concerned, this delay really let the antici…………………………

……………..…………….pation build. They all came into the theater in a big burst, whereas usually it’s more of a casual meander. It was pretty exciting.

As far as everyone backstage was concerned, lets just say it was a bit more stressful…

And somehow we still started the show within-ish the realm of on time? (See the amazement I express in my last post.)

All of the last minute work ended up really paying off. It was a great show (in my humble opinion). Dialogue ran more naturally than it had in the past couple shows. It seemed like the actors slowed down a little bit and were really listening to each other onstage. 

After the show, we had a little celebration. There was chocolate. It was the kind with the hazelnut stuff in the middle. I was happy.

So. Back to Jewish Time. My feelings on this topic are… complex.

In a slide:

On the one hand, it’s terrible. You can never expect anything to start less than 15 minutes late (and that’s being generous). So, if you’re the kind of person who tries to get places on time (me), you end up doing a lot of waiting (for Godot, heheh). 

On the other hand, it’s wonderful. If you’re the kind of person who, despite trying, can never seem to get anywhere less than 15 minutes late (me), join the club. No one minds, or even really notices. I realized this sometime last week, when in response to my profuse (and almost daily… like this blog) apology, I was told to:

“Relax. If you haven’t noticed yet, we run on Jewish Time.”

All of this to say, I was thankful for Jewish Time yesterday, when I accidentally walked down the wrong street (don’t ask… I really…), and spent an embarrassingly long time pacing 38th street wondering where in the world 315 39th street had disappeared to.

After eventually realizing my mistake (emphasis on eventually), I finally made it to my meeting with D**** to talk about the puppet shows. 

It was a great meeting and I got some really good feedback! He liked my puppet song and dance piece (which I showed him on a whim at the last moment) more than the shadow puppet show, so I think that’s where I’ll be putting most of my energy now. I do want to continue working on the shadow puppet show, but that might end up becoming more of a long term project. 

Some feedback highlights for the shadow puppet show:

  • I over estimated how much yiddish non-yiddish speaking kids can soak up.
  • Too many characters.
  • Should simplify the story. 
  • Repetition is key.
  • Get interactive.
  • Make the yiddish words the kind of words kids are already excited about (like cats!!)
  • Read some more children’s books to get a better feel for story structure.
  • I should do a shadow puppet making workshop for the kids after the show!

Some feedback highlights for the song and dance show:

  • Yeah, this one is better.

After the meeting, D**** and I talked for a while about life, and I went on my way.

Today has been a bit of a relaxed day for me. I think it might be my first day off-ish since I started. I’ve been mostly thinking about the new track for the puppet shows, writing this, and…

Working on one of my plays to be read tomorrow at the NYRT!! I’m very excited for the opportunity. I’m also very nervous generally about the quality of the play. 

Well…We shall see!!

Biz bald.

Oh wait!

NOTE: I realized part way through this post that I don’t know if I’m allowed to use other people’s names on here or not. I’ll figure that out.

Okay. Now, biz bald.

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