The Cyrus and Rose Feldman Studio Theater
315 W. 39 Street 9th floor

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Act 1

The Brinitzer Shtibl
315 W. 39 Street
kloyz 902
On December 9, 1920, The Vilna Trupe premiered Anski's "The Dybbuk" in Warsaw.
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of what is arguably the best known Yiddish play, we will be presenting an immersive adaptation of Act 1 this fall/winter. Weekend Brunch performances will begin after the holidays. Don't believe in Dybbuks? Enter a skeptic, leave a believer. Stay tuned. Tickets will go on sale soon.

#Yiddish culture lives here

We’re not just preserving what’s left, we’re aiming for a thriving Yiddish culture for many years to come. In continuing the tradition of Yiddish Theater, we’re producing our version of contemporary plays and timeless classics.


We aim to educate a new generation of Yiddish actors and to illuminate for the public the diversity, cutting edge creativity and universality of the Yiddish theater legacy. We strive to reach and to create new audiences even as we strengthen and satisfy existing ones. We would love it if you spread the word on social media

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