The Cyrus and Rose Feldman Studio Theater
315 W. 39 Street 9th floor

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June 19 - June 23
The Playroom
151 W. 46 Street
8th floor

7 PM

a new play by
Amy Coleman
Tickets $25

This six-character play (portrayed by four actors) is the story of an unlikely connection that develops between a middle aged non-religious Jewish woman and a young Hasidic man struggling with schizophrenia. Hired to be his caretaker, the woman attempts to give him the support he needs, but discovers that her agenda may have more to do with her own needs than his. The play offers important lessons on love and trust.

In the piece, a recently retired music teacher named Lenora Kline is looking for meaning in her life when she answers an ad on Craigslist for a job as a live-in caretaker for Yossi Schwartz, a schizophrenic young man from a strictly Orthodox background. Because of the stigma of mental illness, Yossi has been abandoned by his family and community and has been drifting in and out of hospitals until he meets Lenora. What emerges is a curious relationship between Jews from different worlds. Yossi has an openness of character and a surprising wit that make him easy to love and nurture. He is handsome, intuitive and funny; charming yet hopelessly psychotic. He is also scarred by having been abused by Orthodox men who knew they could get away with their crime because of the Hasidic community's reluctance to involve police or to air these problems publicly (plus, no one would believe an insane man's accusations). So Yossi has become a man without a voice to speak with about his pain. Ultimately Leonora discovers that in trying to heal Yossi, she has been actually trying to heal her relationship with her late father, who was also mentally ill, and in some way gain an understanding of her Jewish roots.

9 PM

a cabaret by
Lea Kalisch
Tickets $25

Kalisch is a dynamic, sexy, multidisciplinary performer originally from Zurich, Switzerland. Her piece is an autobiography in song, rap and comedy: a high-energy reflection on her clash of expectations and real-life experiences.

Lea, a high-energy brunette twenty-something, recounts, from the perspective of "a new artist with an old soul," her ripening in the five years since she left Switzerland in 2014, assuring her mother she would soon be a Broadway star. There is a memorable comedic sung reflection on love and orthodoxy, in which she appears clad in a velvety doublet and shtreimal (a fur hat worn by many married Haredi Jewish men) and explores the creative repercussions of romance with the religious.

The piece is performed in English, but it is sprinkled with Spanish, Yiddish and German (Kalisch speaks seven languages). She sings, dances and raps and even takes a turn at the piano, where she croons a comedic song over a Bach piece. Her musical compositions are dramatic, theatrical and story-driven. She characterizes their musical genre as "blues-pop with a touch of Jewish." She views herself as a collage artist who is "Jewish with all my heart and Latin with my hips."

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